Jun 222017

2nd SLOW SUMMER CRUISE – Tuesday, 6/27 at 5:30pm – meet at Colene Hoose Elementary School [map it]

Our first slow ride was a success with 11 riders risking the chance of rain.  Well done!  Some of the group went to Medici’s and Emack & Bolio’s for social time.  We’ll be sure to plan a stop in our route and stay true to our goals of 8-10mph and 12-15 miles distance throughout the ride.   Please join us for our second cruising ride and be part of a great group of fellow riders!  Any questions, please contact Jane at jawurts10@gmail.com.  Thank you!


Jun 192017

We’d like to encourage others to post some morning rides during the week to supplement our weekend show & go rides – all ‘Youstabees’ and those who can get off work are invited to plan and post rides.  Send to Tom Lauritson (laurit13@comcast.net) or Allan Griffith (magriffy@comcast.net) and we’ll get the word out.  Let’s get out and RIDE!

Jun 192017
We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the club’s trip leader and lead Ride Coordinator in 2016: Allan Griffith

Allan in Bloomington

What is your cycling philosophy? >> “Cycling is the only exercise that I can find, other than hiking in mountains, that is exhilarating and strengthening, yet not painful. I go as far as I feel comfortable.”

What do you like the most about cycling? >> “The physical yet also social aspects — improving one’s health while enjoying the company of friends and the exhilaration of the world passing by.”

What are your activities with the Wheelers? >> “To support as many rides and get as many new riders interested as possible — and to teach safe routes of varied distances.”

What have been your best cycling accomplishments over the years? >> “Doing the RAIN (Ride Across Indiana) 3 years consecutively — this year hopefully will be my 4th. And my longest miles for the year was last year, 2016.”

Allan in Taiwan

Allan in Taiwan

Jun 152017

Come join a great group of riders for summertime fun and socialization!  We will have a ‘no-drop’ ride at a mellow 8-10 mph pace for 15 miles.  We’ll begin at Colene Hoose Elementary School near Constitution Trail [map it]. During or after the ride, we could decide on a location for food / drink / ice cream.  This Summer Cruise could become a recurring Tuesday / Thursday ride like the Metric Training Rides.  Please send any questions or comments to Jane at jawurts10@gmail.com

Thanks and see you there!

Jun 152017

Lots of Kudos to go around for the 2017 Spring Metric:

…to the Spring Metric Committee and volunteers who planned, organized, baked, and provided day-of event support

…to our Sponsors who graciously donated supplies, food, and/or time: Vitesse —– Pepsi —– Often Running —  Great Harvest —– Central Illinois Radio Club —– Bloomington Cycle & FitnessCulliganThe PantagraphState Farm Agent Axel Jimenez — McLean County Parks and Recreation

…and to the over 200 cyclists who came out on a beautiful (and warm) day to enjoy the roads as well as help support our Bikes Change Lives program!

Jun 092017


Strong Opposition Mounting Against Bike Lanes Through Downtown Bloomington!
This is a big deal.

About three years ago, you asked us to get bike lanes on Washington Street. You wanted to be able to ride from Downtown to State Farm Corporate, OSF St. Joseph, and Eastland Mall, without having to dodge parked cars on Grove Street or take your life in your hands on a wild-west Washington.

So we’ve spent the last three years working with the City of Bloomington to come up with a plan that balances the needs of the people who drive on Washington with the important safety considerations of people who need to bike and walk there. City staff likes the proposal – enough that they’ve put it on the agenda for the Planning Commission to vote on adding it to the Bike Master Plan next Wednesday.

But we’ve got a problem.

There are people – very loud people – who are fighting pretty hard to stop this from happening.

So here’s how you can help.

There are two more meetings where you can express your support for bike lanes on Washington: Tuesday, June 13, from 4-6pm at the McLean County Museum of History [map it], and 4pm on Wednesday, June 14, at the Planning Commission public hearing at City Hall [map it]. And if you can’t make it to either of those, just send an email to jkarch@cityblm.orgmhill@cityblm.org, and michael@bikeblono.org to weigh in.

All of the written comments – whether they’re received at the public meetings or via email – will be tabulated and included in the documentation for the final vote. And we really want to be sure that the number of people who submit comments in favor of the proposal outweigh the naysayers.

Send an email
This is what we’re up against. 

Never mind that the bike lanes will improve safety, or that the traffic volume is roughly half of where traffic engineers would start worrying about congestion, or that we’re only talking about the cost of paint – a drop in the bucket of the city’s budget. This person feels that it’ll be a problem – and they’ve turned their feelings into a catchy giant yard sign and circulated a petition among their neighbors opposing the bike lane.

Learn the facts. 

We wrote up a great big blog post with all the details about our proposal, which eventually would involve bike lanes on Washington pretty much all the way from Veterans through Downtown to the West Side. Take a few minutes to read all about the changes we’re suggesting.

Send an email
Jun 052017

It’s time to report your year-to-date miles!  Please report your year-to-date Big Dog Miles as of May 31st to Sir Richard: Richard.Verdery@gmail.com

NOTE: Please include your name as some of you have email addresses where it’s not clear who it is.

May 302017

Hey, Wheelers!  The Spring Metric is coming up on June 10th and the club needs YOUR help!

There are lots of tasks (i.e. volunteer opportunities) to-do to make our event a success.  Many of the activities are for prep on Friday or two-hour shifts on Saturday. So you can feel good about volunteering and still ride a few loops!  It’s easy to sign up – just click here.  Many hands makes light work.

Once you sign-up, I’ll contact you to provide additional instructions.  My garage will be used as logistics central for deliveries and pick-ups.  Activities scheduled prior to ride day have flexibility as to date and time.  Please email (rick.boser@gmail.com) or call/text (309.212.2414) if you have any questions.

Also needed is baking for the Food Stop.  Cesca is our baking coordinator. Please contact her at chezerb@aol.com if you can contribute cookies, loafs or other goodies.

Thanks much, Rick

May 262017


Hey all you bakers, we need baked goods for the Metric on June 10. Cookies, brownies, or fruit breads (banana bread, pumpkin bread) would be appreciated. Please contact Francesca Erb at chezerb@aol.com if you are able to help or if you have questions. Also if you would be willing to be a co-chair this year and take over the coordination of bakers next year, please let her know!