Jul 112018
Wheeler riders with Dorothy & Toto carving

Tuesday mellow riders captured with Dorothy & Toto.

Another beautiful Tuesday summer evening and another great mellow mostly-trail ride. About a dozen of us headed into south and west Bloomington for a leisurely 12+ mile  loop that included the CT along Hamilton Road, a bit of Route 66 history on Springfield Rd., once around Miller Park to check on the Canada Geese, a Gene’s Dairy Delight stop – yum, and a serendipitous viewing of the new Dorothy and Toto carving in Evergreen Memorial Cemetery. More adventures next Tuesday…. RB




July 4, 2018 Pancake Breakfast Ride to Downs

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Jul 062018
Jul 032018

Mellow riders 2018-07-03

Another hot and muggy Tuesday – perfect for a slow-roll mellow ride. About 15 miles, with about half that distance on county roads north and west of the northern trail terminus. As you can see the happy rider count is up 33% over last week, well o.k., from 3 to 4, but not bad for almost the holiday. Hope to see a few more riders next Tuesday! RB

Jun 282018
Infographic on Tips on How to Share the Road

Share the Road

Share the Road! Each month, the Sam Leman Toyota team creates an infographic based around a topic that would benefit our community. This month, they developed an infographic (4 slides) that list tips on how cyclists and cars can better share the road. As the new Bike BloNo campaign points out, most of us are motorists & cyclists! AND safety is everyone’s responsibility. Click on the graphic for an expanded view. RB

Jun 272018

Horse and rider meet bike left in middle of trailSome thoughts/reminders on Trail Safety & Etiquette…  If you’re on the Constitution Trail (CT), or any trail for that matter, please pull off to the side if you are stopping, gathering, or meeting. You and your bike and whole group should be off to the side, or better yet, off of the trail completely, to allow other trail users to pass unencumbered. At the Y on CT, which can be very congested, gather at the shelter, benches, or widing in the trail that goes toward the parking lot.

As one experienced ride recently comment, “We (Wheelers) have been perennial obstructionists on the trail and this does not sit well with other bikers, runners, and walkers. It gives a correct bad impression of the Wheelers to others on the trail.”

Also, when riding in a group, if you’re approaching a blind hill or curve, please make sure everyone singles up — single file at the far right of the trail/road. Don’t trust that you will always see an approaching car or other trail/road user. Further, that car/bike/walker might not be on their side of the trail/road.

Be courteous and be safe! Please help us be “good” trail citizens! AG/RB

Jun 272018
Riders at Carl's Ice Cream Normal

Mellow Tuesday Trail Rides

Last night was the first Mellow Tuesday Trail Ride of the season, about 10 miles roundtrip. No spandex needed. Confirmation photo on the left. Beautiful night for a ride even allowing for the brisk south wind and much overrated rain forecast. Riding the CT typically keeps you sheltered from the winds, whichever direction they are blowing. We went from the Y on CT to Carl’s Ice Cream. Future rides might be taco Tuesdays. The group can decide! Hope to see you next week. RB

Jun 242018
Muppets riding bicycles

Mellow Riders

NEW – Mellow Ride Tuesdays – 5:45P from the Y

Beginning Tuesday, June 26, 2018 and continuing through the end of August, there will be a mellow ride departing from the Y (Connie LInk, Normal) at 5:45P.  Like the Show & Go, we can decide as a group on a destination and social ending for the ride AND what we would like to do the following week! Tuesday Mellow Rides will likely stay mostly in town as we meander the trails and bike lanes in search of ice cream, tacos, etc. Hope to see you on Tuesdays. RB
If anyone wants to lead/coordinate a mellow ride on other days, please email Richard Verdrey with the details at least a week in advance so that the ride can be added to the weekly events email.

NOTE: Looks like rain is likely this Tuesday evening, June 26. Rides will be cancelled in the event of rain or lightening.

May 272018
Cyclists getting doused with a bucket of water

Staying cool in the heat


Sunday, May 27, 2018.  Fourteen avid cyclists braved the mid-90 degree heat this afternoon to complete a 22 mile training ride. Rode mostly on the at least partially shaded Constitution Trail from Tipton to the west end of the trail — about 11 miles each way. Stopped as needed for shade and hydration breaks. See Trek notes about sensible riding in the heat; likely more to come as this is only May! RB


May 152018
Tuesday evening training ride

Tuesday evening training ride

Greetings cycling enthusiasts! Great to see so many riders out for our Tuesday training ride. Because of the stiff NE breeze, we kept our 10 mile ride on the trail and the neighborhoods near Tipton Trails, as you can see. Remember the Ride of Silence Wednesday evening starting at 6:45P from the McLean County History Museum (old courthouse) in downtown Bloomington and ending at the roundabout in uptown Normal. Keep pedaling and see you soon, RB

May 102018

WTraining Ride Riderse are into Week #2 of the training rides and there has been 20+ riders on the 3 of 4 days when the weather has cooperated. A little wind just adds to the fitness value of the ride! Thanks to all our volunteer Leaders & Sweeps for sharing their expertise and modeling safe riding procedures. For Training Ride dates and distance <click here>.  RB