Dec 222016
Congrats to our club officer line-up for 2017:

President: Jay Corwin (previously VP)
Vice President: Rick Boser
Secretary: Sandy Roe (continuing in same role as 2016)
Treasurer: John Rexroad (continuing in same role as 2016)

Many thanks to our out-going club president, Michael Sulzberger.  Your enthusiasm and guidance have been greatly appreciated!

There are several others who help keep the club moving along.  One notable change to that list is that Allan Griffith is handing over the Ride Coordinator responsibilities to Tom Lauritson for the coming year.  Tom will be putting his spin (no pun intended…well, maybe) on Wheeler rides throughout the year.  Many thanks to Allan for all of his efforts over the past several years in coordinating and leading countless rides!

For all contact info for our club officers and others, visit the Contact Us page.