Mar 022017

Jay Corwin


We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of our club members: Jay Corwin, Wheelers Club President


What is it about cycling that you like? > “It is a great way to meet new people, to exercise and to be outside”.

What has been your favorite ride recently? > “The 2015 “Meet in the Middle” Ride. A large group of us rode to Mackinaw and then Rick Boser and I rode on to Peoria, all downwind. Thanks to Penny Boser for picking us up in Peoria!”

How did you get involved with the Wheelers? > “I was friends with Allan Griffith and Raydean Davis and they
both were instrumental in getting me back into cycling and getting me hooked up with the club.”

What role do you play with the Wheelrs? > “VP of Wheelers and helped out with the Spring Metric.” [Editor’s note: as of 2017, Jay is now the club president.]

What has been one of your cycling accomplishments? > “Major accomplishment has been keeping up with my wife after she got her new bike.”