Mar 232017
Michael and Sandy on Tandem
We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on a couple of our club members: Michael Sulzberger, Former Wheelers Club President, and Sandy Roe, current Club Secretary



Favorite ride of 2016 > “Sandy and I were on the tandem … The group split, some going to Lexington, but Sandy, Marge, R.J., and I ended up at the Fort Jesse Cafe.  The combination of good weather, good friends, fun activity, and good food is hard to top and should be savored.”


Why I like cycling > “Gets me outdoors and moving, and away from computer work.  Enjoy meeting and chatting with lots of folks I would not otherwise have the opportunity to know.”

Favorite quote (attributed to Peter Golkin) > “My two favorite things in life are libraries and bicycles.  They both move people forward without wasting anything.”

What got me started with the McLean County Wheelers? > “In 2012 the club helped me to prepare to participate in the Baltic State Tour with Cycling for LIbraries (  Forever grateful!”

We look forward to seeing both Michael and sandy out on the roads again in 2017 – Happy Cycling!