May 122017
We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on our club Vice President: Rick Boser

What is your cycling philosophy? > I’m a social cyclist. Among other reasons, I ride for fun, fellowship, exercise, and transportation. I value living in a walkable, rideable community where I don’t need a car for most of the week. A stolen quote, “The bicycle, a simple solution to some of the world’s most complex problems!”

What do you like the most about cycling? > Front door parking! Getting out in the weather. Environmentally friendly transportation.

What is your favorite ride of the year? > I always enjoy the Wheeler’s Spring Metric as the season kick-off. Fall rides such as Meet in the Middle are a harvest season treat.

What are your activities with the Wheelers? > I’ve been an active participant at Wheeler rides and event for a number of years, volunteering occasionally. This year I have taken a more active leadership role as VP.

What was your best cycling accomplishment for the year? > So far this year, my best accomplishment was probably a 35 mile ride on a 65 degree day in early February. (photo: Rick circled, on right)