Dec 232016
John Rexroad
We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on one of our club members: John Rexroad, club treasurer


What is your cycling philosophy? > Fit is everything. It doesn’t matter what brand or quality of bike you have, if it fits it will be comfortable, fast, and efficient. Just get on your bike and ride.

What do you like the most about cycling? > Mostly, it is the feeling of freedom. The ability to go anywhere on your own power without the need of a license, gas, insurance, or even roads. I also ride for the exercise, economy, and sometimes the thrill of taking a few risks.

What was your favorite ride of the year? > One day this summer I road to Lake Bloomington and watched families launch their boats for some fun on the lake. I loved to ski there in grade school and it brought back some good memories. Lunch at the Lake Road Inn was not bad, either.

What are your activities with the Wheelers? > I really enjoy the metric training rides and the Spring Metric. The rides are slow so you can talk and get to know the other riders. The Spring Metric is a great activity. It had a great route, support, and catering. It has been going on for many years. The planning is excellent.

What was your best cycling accomplishment for the year? > I bought rain gear including booties. Now I can feel comfortable riding in some pretty stiff rain. I like to get out in the rain. Everything is clean and no one is around.