The McLean County Wheelers is a club of cycling enthusiasts in Central Illinois. Our members have many different skill levels and riding preferences. The focus of our rides is not racing or endurance, but rather to encourage and support safe cycling for recreation and fitness. The club is a supporting member of the state organization, Ride Illinois, and the national organization League of American Bicyclists.

The Wheelers support local bicycling advocacy through affiliations and member volunteer efforts of Bike BloNoWest Bloomington Revitalization Project (WBRP Bike Co-op), Friends of the Constitution Trail, and CORBA (Comlara Off-Road Bicycle Association).

Rides & Calendar

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Rides are posted in calendar or list format, both of which display well on mobiles so you never need to be without your ride planner!  The calendar includes rides and events by other area organizations as well as Wheeler Show & Go rides each Saturday and Sunday morning during the season. Like us on  Facebook for additional information and updates. For cycling tips, safety, and Q&A on our rides, visit Tips and FAQ’s. 


Visit our membership page to learn more about the benefits of being a Wheeler. Annual dues are for the calendar year.

Buy, Sell, or Give Away…

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If you need a new bike or just want to upgrade, save some money and see what steeds and accessories that our members are grudgingly willing to part with. Members can post ads free for up to six months. See listings and posting instructions in our classifieds section. 

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