New Wheeler ride program Saturdays and Sundays throughout the season. FIRST ride will be April 13, 2019 = 25 miles

Rides start at the Constitution Trail in Normal immediately south of the Connie Link Amphitheater. This location is the junction of the north/south and east branches of the trail and is often referred to as the “Y”. There is a wayside shelter with picnic tables beside the Trail. Free parking is available on the north side of the amphitheater in the Normal Parks & Rec lot off Linden Ave.

100 milesUse sunscreen even if cool and bring more water than you think you’ll need and at least one extra tube, specific for your bike tire. As rides get longer, we will likely stop along the way to eat or drink. Please bring some cash, as not all venues take credit cards.

All interested riders are advised to do at least one Saturday or Sunday each weekend to maintain their endurance.

Everyone MUST  WEAR a helmet to ride with the group.

Non-Wheeler members must sign a waiver of liability prior to each ride.

Distances start the first weekend at 25 miles, increasing by approximately 7 miles every weekend, depending upon participant progress, until we reach the magic 100 miles — or Century. From then on, we’ll continue with 60 to 100 mile rides until the weather and daylight hours limit us in early fall. Speeds will generally average 11-13 mph but we will average the speed of the slowest rider each day. Faster riders can hang with the group by doing either leapfrogging or interval training techniques which will be explained on the rides. These will ALL be NO-DROP rides.steam-train-passing-under-brick-bridge

To accommodate temperatures and available daylight, starting times vary as follows:

April 11:00A | May 9:00A | June-August 7:00A | September 8:00A | October 10:00A

Rides will likely be cancelled due to extreme cold, lightning, strong winds, storms or ice, but we may ride if it’s just raining. The Wheelers website calendar may provide ride updates if the inclement weather is predicted at least a couple days in advance. Ride leaders may also email details of any ride cancellations.

Wheeler members are encouraged to assist with these rides and additional ride leadership will be much appreciated.

For questions or suggestions, please email Allan Griffith: