Apr 112019

Cycling at sunriseGood Morning Early Risers / Early Riders. Are you interested participating in mid-week rides? Rides will begin between 6:00 and 7:00A with a distance of 25 – 30 miles. Typical average speed of about 11 – 14. Ride timing should work for members who are still gainfully employed and might like to get in a ride prior to going to work as well as for those with a more leisurely schedule. Winds are calmer and temps are cooler in the earlier morning hours. If interested, please text Jim at 707-486-0290 in order to be added to his group text message, remember to include your name with your text to him. RB

Jul 312018
Wheeler Metric t-shirt design

Although anecdotally, and by the smiling faces index, we think that the Spring Metric is a success and that we are doing the right things, this year we did a follow-up with Survey Monkey to see if the participant data agreed with our organizers’ observations. And indeed there does appear to be some correlation.

Of the approximately 200 riders, there were 151 usable emails, each of whom received the 10 question, one-minute Survey Monkey questionnaire. With only one reminder, we received responses from 42 riders. All rating averages were > 4.3 on the 5.0-scale. You can see a summary of the results at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-TPYQ73NRL/

Thanks again to all riders, survey respondents, and our volunteers who make the event possible. We appreciate your support and feedback and look forward to seeing everyone next June for the 2019 Metric!  RB

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