Nov 152018

Ride Illinois LogoDiscover relevant laws and best safety strategies for sharing the road.

Ride Illinois has an excellent online Bike Safety Quiz that has been used by more than 75,000 people, since 2013. The easy-to-use resource includes Illinois Secretary of State approved content. Designed for both cyclists and motorists, the interactive questions focus on relevant state laws and ways of avoiding common car-bike crashes. The Adult Bicyclist quiz has 33 multiple-choice questions divided into Bronze (10 questions), Silver (11), and Gold (12) levels.

Successfully answering the quiz questions (it is educational so you a get a couple of tries) earns you a wallet sized certificate of completion card. Next spring, this bike safety quiz will be the first homework assignment for our training rides!

Created by Ride Illinois, a nonprofit organization working statewide for better bicycling conditions.

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