Apr 222019

The Austin Ride of Silence shared Cyclist Video Evidence Model

The Ride of Silence honors fallen cyclists. Cyclist’s Video Evidence prevents collisions, hopefully ending the need for Rides of Silence.

Near-Miss-Spectrum-The Austin, Texas Ride of Silence and www.CyclistVideoEvidence.com have created an innovative model that can be copied by all other Rides of Silence participating in the worldwide ride on Wednesday, May 15th 2019.

The inclusive mission of Cyclist Video Evidence is to increase the number of cyclists who feel safe and confident riding on the roads. They invite all cyclists – pedal powered, electric bikes, scooters and motorcyclists – to use our free Incident Management System to track, map, update and analyze all of their near miss incidents, search for repeat offenders, establish potential patterns of dangerous driver behavior, and generate near miss data to map dangerous locations – before collisions occur!

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