Trail Etiquette & Safety

Horse and rider meet bike left in middle of trailSome thoughts/reminders on Trail Safety & Etiquette…  If you’re on the Constitution Trail (CT), or any trail for that matter, please pull off to the side if you are stopping, gathering, or meeting. You and your bike and whole group should be off to the side, or better yet, off of the trail completely, to allow other trail users to pass unencumbered. At the Y on CT, which can be very congested, gather at the shelter, benches, or widing in the trail that goes toward the parking lot.

As one experienced ride recently comment, “We (Wheelers) have been perennial obstructionists on the trail and this does not sit well with other bikers, runners, and walkers. It gives a correct bad impression of the Wheelers to others on the trail.”

Also, when riding in a group, if you’re approaching a blind hill or curve, please make sure everyone singles up — single file at the far right of the trail/road. Don’t trust that you will always see an approaching car or other trail/road user. Further, that car/bike/walker might not be on their side of the trail/road.

Be courteous and be safe! Please help us be “good” trail citizens! AG/RB