Looking for Somewhere New to Ride? 

Try one of these routes to explore the wonders of BloNo, McLean County and beyond! Note the average speed — typical Wheelers pace – ia at the lower end of 11.5 – 13 mph. Maps can be enlarged to get road details and printed in pdf from the share icon. More routes to explore can be found on the McLean County Wheelers’ Club page on Strava or Ride with GPS.

To share your rides, please email the map link or pdf to the webmaster or post your link as a comment at the bottom of the About Us page. Please make sure that the map format is viewable without special software.

Rides listed by distance. Happy riding!

  • Tour de Taco – Serrano 2018 ~9 miles with taco possibilities.

  • CT-North Normal ~10 miles. Ice cream ride to Carl’s on W. College.
  • West Edge Loop ~20 miles. Out on W. CT and in on N. CT to Y.
  • Towanda via Ironwood? ~22 miles. NE edge loop.
  • Lake Bloomington just shy of Green Gables ~ 28 miles. Can shorten to ~25 miles by not adding the loop through the Northbridge subdivision.
  • East Edge Loop ~30 miles. Long stretch on 1500 & back through Towanda.
  • Danvers via Twin Groves.  ~33 miles west from the Y. Returns  by the old Apple Barn.
  • Tipton-to-Moraine-View~ 34 miles RT. Popular breakfast ride.
  • Normal to Solo Metric Rt. 1 Round Trip ~ 39 miles.
  • Lake Evergreen Loop ~39 miles @ a peaceful average speed of 11.6 mph. Ride around the north edge of Comlara Park. (12/16/18) AG/EB/AG2/BS.  Lake Evergreen Loop pdf.
  • Moraine View from the south  ~45 miles. Nice breakfast patio overlooking Dawson Lake.
  • Carlock-Spin+Lake-Danvers ~48 miles  RT from the “Y”. Includes the best hills in McLean County.  Goes around Spin Lake. Two refresh spots – Danvers & Carlock plus can picnic at Rhymers nature preserve gazebo on the way back. AG/DW/DN (04.08.19)
  • Moraine View loop ~49 miles. Although the map shows more miles, they include to the distance from the Y and back to AG’s home. Not really part of the route! This ride skirts the west edge of the park. If you were going to stop for breakfast or lunch, add 2 more miles to the roundtrip.
  • Lake to Lake ~ 50 miles. AG/ES/TJ. Loop from the Y to Lake Evergreen, Lake Bloomington and back. Can easily be shortened if needed by taking a more direct route to Lake Evergreen. All great roads!
  • Lake to Lake v.2 0 ~ 50 miles. Scenic loop with great pavement the entire distance. Low car/truck traffic. Never to far from BN with multiple opportunities to add or reduce total mileage. Only ~ 47.5 miles if leaving from the Y  or Underwood Park. Midway refresh stop at Green Gables or Lake Road Inn. Travels the newly paved Lake Bloomington outer loop, which is one of the most scenic route in McLean Co. Thank you Allan.
  • Colfax ~50 miles ENE. Potential for a breakfast stop. RB
  • Danvers via Twin Groves extended to a half-century ~52 miles. AG/JN
  • Colfax ~ 58 miles ENE. Long slow way to get to Colfax, meandering across the Mackinaw a few times, but all on paved roads. AG/EB/DN (11.21.18)
  • El Paso & Secor ~ 60 miles. All paved light traffic roads with a refresh stops available in El Paso.
  • McLean – Heyworth ~61 mile near Metric wide loop. Two good rest stops at towns and all paved smooth roads. AG/EB (Nov. 2018)
  • Gridley-Meadows-Lexington ~62 miles. Very nice coffee shop along Hwy 24 in
    Gridley – they make good hot chocolate and more (11/29/18)  AG/EB
  • Anchor ~68 miles RT mostly east through Towanda and Cooksville. AG/EB
  • Mackinaw & Hopedale. ~70 miles. Mostly east-west. All good roads! AG
  • Ever been to Waynesville? 78 mile loop mostly north-south. Great century training ride. AG
  • Mackinaw, Atlanta, Heyworth and home.  ~88 miles. Long S.W. loop that could easily extend to a century by adding Wapella! And if that isn’t enough, add Hopedale & Mackinaw for at least 115 miles. AG/EB