Looking for somewhere new to ride?

Try one of these routes below. If you want to share your rides, you can email the map link or pdf to the webmaster or post. Please make sure that the map format is viewable without a special software subscription. Rides listed by by destination and start at the Y on Constitution Trail unless otherwise indicated. Happy riding!

Colfax. ~50 miles ENE. Potential for a breakfast stop. RB

Danvers via Twin Groves.  ~33 miles west from the Y. Return route by the old Apple Barn. AG/EB

Danvers via Twin Groves extended to a half-century ~52 miles. AG/JN

Moraine View from the south  ~45 miles. Nice breakfast patio overlooking Dawson Lake.

Long West & South Loop – Mackinaw, Atlanta, Heyworth and home.  ~88 miles. Easy to extend to a century by adding Wapella! And if that isn’t enough,  add Hopedale & Mackinaw for a total of at least 115. AG/EB

Mostly West – Mackinaw & Hopedale. ~70 miles. All good roads! AG

Tour de Taco – Serrano 2018 ~9 miles con solamente Taqueria El Porton como el único restaurante sentado. Other food stops were pop ups or food trucks. RB

Towanda via Ironwood? ~22 miles. Good mellow ride. RB