Wheeler Spotlight – Tom Lauritson

We’d like to take this opportunity to shine a spotlight on the club’s Ride Coordinator: Tom Lauritson

Tom Lauritson

What is your cycling philosophy? >> “If you don’t know where you’re riding to, you probably won’t get there.”

What do you like the most about cycling? >> “Riding with others.”

What is your favorite ride of the year? >> “The Spring Metric. I try to do it every year.”

What is your typical role or activity with the Wheelers? >> “I am this year’s Ride Coordinator. I schedule the weekend rides and publish ride invitations that other Wheelers send me.”

What is one of your best cycling accomplishment over the past years? >> “My two favorite accomplishments: Two years ago, I cycled 9420 miles in that year. That same year I participated in the Tri-Shark time trials at Evergreen Lake. I rode 20 kilometers at an average speed of 21.8 miles/hour.”